Anesthesia has become much safer over the years as scientific and technological advancements continue to be made every day in our field. However, it is still very important to know who will be administering your anesthesia, no matter how minor the procedure.

Two recent and unnecessary deaths related to anesthesia further highlight this point. In the first, a dentist alone administered versed and nitrous oxide to a 4 year old child. The dentist failed to properly monitor the patient’s breathing and hemodynamics following the administration of these drugs, resulting in the child’s death.

In the second case, an unsupervised nurse anesthetist who had not performed an intubation in over 5 years incorrectly placed a breathing tube in the esophagus of a 45 year old man who received too much sedation during a cataract extraction. This father of 3 died a few days later in the hospital.

Patients should never die in cases where basic airway management and anesthesia training could have saved their lives, especially during routine procedures like dental cleanings, cataract extractions, colonoscopies, etc. We highly recommend that you seek out a surgeon or hospital that employs MD Anesthesiologists who are trained to act in a wide range of emergencies. Feel free to contact Metro Anesthesia for recommendations on facilities that employ our services!

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